Don't Punch Anyone, Customer Service Gift, Backpack Tag, Funny Mantra Gift


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Inspired by my best friend that works with the public that are angry most of the time. I believe everyone should work customer service at least once in their life, it builds character. But on the days that everyone is coming in yelling in your face and blaming you for all of their problems (unrelated to your business or not) sometimes a funny tag on your purse or keys will bring a little much needed comic relief to your day.

Introducing 'Don't punch anyone today *unless they really deserve it" with a star keyring to attach it anywhere you need it.

Come to think of it, we teach children not to hit anyone either but we all really do want our kids to be the ones that stands up to a bully to save a smaller kid... These clip perfectly to a backpack as well 😊

Think of it as a manta, affirmation or just a funny inside joke.. either way, you know someone who needs this!


Prefer a more subtle message? I made these in pocket pebbles. Keep them in your pocket or purse and pull them out when you need to see your message.